A fresh start


Lately, I’ve gotten into a bad habit of bedtime procrastination–as the hour grows later and later I putter around on my computer, scanning design blogs and munching on m&ms, putting off and putting off turning out the lights.  And, since I work in the afternoon and evening rather than first thing in the morning, these progressively later and later bedtimes have served as an excuse to procrastinate on getting up as well.

Not today, however.  At around 8:30, my brain suddenly decided to remember something it really should have remembered last night–that today was the day our recycling gets picked up, and I had not yet pulled the bin down to the street.  I threw on clothes, tripped down the stairs, and lugged the bin to the curb, and then–I was awake, and active, and all before 9:00.

So today I’m making a fresh start–not only with this blog, but also, hopefully, with my daily routine.  With the help of a hot cup of oolong tea and a good read, the future is already looking bright–that is to say, both soothing and stimulating in perfect proportions.